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Aug 19, 2014: Due to the latest changes in Skype API and policy made by Microsoft, we have to stop supporting Skype bridge to SeeVogh Research Network meetings. Please use SeeVogh client to connect from PC or mobile clients to connect from mobile devices.

The SeeVogh Player to play previously recorded sessions is available here.


Install SeeVoghRN Application.
See the page about the SeeVoghRN application. Use the application to register, book, and join meetings directly without the need of the web site.
* If you are still using the Java method for joining meetings you will love the simplicy of our new SeeVogh application. Support for the Java method of access will be discontinued in the near future. Join meeting using Java.
Learn how to use SeeVogh Documentation of the SeeVogh interface
Please send report from the application if you encounter some problem. Thank you.

SeeVogh Research Network members.

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